May 1

Amazing what a difference a good night sleep does for all of us. We made it to the hospital this morning and Lane was all smiles. He asked for more physical therapy and also asked to increase his Tri Flow breathing exercises. He ate three solid meals plus drank four nutrition shakes. He was the most talkative he has been and was even chatting with the nurses as they showed him pictures of their dogs on their phones.

The neurosurgeon and his primary came in on separate occasions and Lane was able to move his big toe both times! Small victories. His mindset is also beginning to shift. He asked me to help him set goals for recovery tomorrow so that should be interesting. He also asked me to find success stories of others who have had similar accidents and are now walking. He wants me to share them with him first thing each morning to help with his mind set for the day. So with that being said if anyone knows anyone who has a similar successful story please forward it to me and I will share it with Lane. My biggest take away from today with him is that he is looking more towards the future and in typical Lane fashion is going to be full force with the goal of walking and will not accept anything less. It will be a long road but I am positive he will get there. Thank you again to everyone for your love and support. Also, thank you to everyone who went to the BBQ as I shared the movie with Lane and he cried tears of joy (don’t tell him I told you that he cried). Hopefully a few more days until he is back in Cali.

April 30

Today was a tough day for Lane. He is battling a fever so he was covered in ice packs most of the day and was having some labored breathing. We did our best to support him and by the end of the day he seemed to be a little bit better. He is really looking forward to getting home but wants to bring his favorite nurse. It looks like we will not be flying back until the end of the week/weekend as coordinating stretcher flights seems to be quite the ordeal. Lanes medical team flys out here in a few days to do the meet and greet and prep Lane for the flight home.

I shared with Lane some of the pictures from the BBQ. He was blown away by the turn out, shirts, Giants colors, and of course his healthy Trapper.

Thank you to everyone that came out and supported the event- it means a lot. It is usually a funeral when you find out who your friends are so it was great to see so many family and friends there. If I could hug you all through this email I would.

April 27

Lane is becoming more and more like the Lane we all love as the days progress. Today there were more smiles, some laughter, and the occasional fart joke. Not much has improved from a physical stand point however mentally he seems to be getting stronger. He is sleeping better and is drinking 6 nutrition shakes a day, up from 4. He got another bath, shave, and round of teeth brushing so that always helps. He was excited to see the BBQ invite that I shared with him and is looking forward to raising his arms in the future like he is in the picture. He said to say thank you to all involved in organizing the event. Mom and I snuck off for a few hours to see some of the city with Lane’s blessing and he was able to take a nap. We are all looking forward to getting home next week. Thank you again to everyone for all of the love and support.

From Shannon

From Shannon:

It was the best conversation I have had with Joel. His spirit too seemed to take a turn for the best! Everyone’s hard work is so inspirational. Simply amazing! Thank you!!! Continue to pray and be thankful for all the victories!!

April 26

From Joel:

The best part about the hospital aside from the friendly staff is air conditioning! Lane really appreciates it. Lane seemed to turn a corner today. He got some sleep the night before which helped with his mood. We watched Bad Grandpa and I caught him laughing and smiling a few times. He started physical therapy three times per day and looks forward to it as well as the Tri-flow breathing exercises. He is eating more and staying hydrated which are all good signs. There was some talk today out of his mouth about walking in the future which brought a smile to my face and a tear to my eye. On a personal note it hurts to see your little brother lying in a hospital bed scared and injured with an unclear future. With that being said it has been exciting to be witness to the small victories.

We would like to thank you..

by Lane’s Family of Friend’s

We have had such an amazing response so far, thank you for the support and loving wishes. Please continue to help by sharing our efforts to bring our friend home and aid him in his recovery. For including yourselves and being part of a truely remarkable response we will continue to include all of you with updates as they come in.

Thank you,

The family and friends who love Lane so much.

April 24

You know you have been somewhere for awhile when the staff all know you by name. Lane made some strides today. We are celebrating the small victories as it has now been a week since the accident. He was able to speak with someone back home who had gone through a similar injury and subsequent recovery. It was very beneficial for lane to speak with someone who truly could relate. Mom and I can only do so much. After that call he had a spark and asked the doctors to up his physical therapy which they were more than happy to do. They have started to taper him off of the steroids and are really make him work on his breathing with intense lung exercises. He did the pin prick test today and was able to feel pricks down most of his right arm and had tactile sensation for the first time in his left. Again: small victories. His friend Natalie returned to the states today so that was difficult. She has been with Lane since the accident and has been and will continue to be a great support (Natalie if you are reading this we are deeply grateful for all that you have done for Lane). We met with the doctors today and they are hopeful that Lane should be for to fly sometime next week. Lane has also been able to remove the front piece of his neck brace for extended periods of time which has been a big release for him. . With all that happened today Lane was pretty tired and fell asleep halfway through our nightly movie sessions. Tomorrow is a new day

April 23

Today was a tough day for all of us. Lane is struggling emotionally with everything going on. We do our best to support him. He had a chest X-ray to make sure there was no fluid building up and that was clear. He is eating more and relying less on IV supplements. Natalie leaves tomorrow so it’s mom and I for the rest if the time. Things are moving along towards a transfer back home next week. He really lit up when he saw the website that was out together and blown away by the support. Thanks you to all of you.

April 22

Email update from Joel… 🙂

Another full day with lane at the ICU. We met with all of the doctors and they are still concerned about him however he remains stable. Some highlights from the day:Lane got a shave and sponge bath from two beautiful Thai nurses he said that he didn’t feel a thing but enjoyed it regardlessLane ate solid food for the first time and enjoyed itLane wiggled a toe at the command of the doctor!!!!Lane is now required to breathe into a breath volume thing a majig every hour to help maintain his strength and ward off pneumonia. He maxes out every time.

His spirits are typically low in the morning due to sleepless nights but get better as the day progresses. I have been sharing everyone’s warm wishes which makes him smile so keep the comingLooks like a tentative discharge date for the first of May.

That’s it for today.

Spoke with joel twice. Judy is there with joel and they visited lane. He wanted me to share this.

Spent the day with Natalie at the hospital and out mother made it late tonight and visited with him. As of now Lane has yet to make any improvement in his condition. We are back to the hospital in a few hours to be with him again. Should know more info by the end of the day as the hospital will be fully staffed. His spirits are fair. He appreciates the emails and texts that I share with him from friends and family. Still no idea on when he will return as he is not stable to travel. Please keep my little brother in your thoughts and prayers