Who Is Lane Edwards?

Many of us know Lane as a tremendous son, brother, friend, co-worker, or classmate. For those of you who don’t know Lane, feel free to read more about him and his story here. The cliff notes version is that he’s a fun and thoughtful 32 year old who grew up in the Sacramento Area but made many friends along the way when going to school in San Luis Obispo as well as working for years in software sales in the Bay Area.

After seven successful and diligent years focused on his career, Lane did what many of us think about doing but never pull the trigger on. He cashed out his chips, left his job, and went abroad looking for adventure and a new perspective on life. He was having the time of his life and his friends and family were all eagerly awaiting his return. On April 18th 2014, Lane suffered a severe spinal cord injury while snorkeling off the coast of Thailand. Loving Lane is dedicated to supporting and chronicling his ongoing recovery.

Where Is Lane Now?

Lane returned the US in early May and spent nearly two months between UCSF and Valley Medical in San Jose. He currently resides in Sacramento, living with his childhood friend Josh and his wife Irit. Lane is very happy to be so close to so many of his friends and family who have been wonderful through this tough time.

How Can I Contact Lane?

Lane regularly checks his email account, edwards_lane at hotmail , as well as text messages. As of now, Lane often catches up in correspondence with the help of a friend or family member, so keep that in mind as it seems everyone has a lot of colorful Lane stories to retell.

How Can I Help?

The most helpful think you can do is make a donation to Loving Lane as Lane’s injury unfortunately occurred during a gap in which he was in between health insurance providers and there are considerable expenses spanning physical therapy, ongoing care, and at home equipment.

We also ask that you monitor his events page as charity events also provide another great and more social opportunity to help support Lane’s recovery.

Some more information on things you can do to help Lane are found on this page here which include some helpful things to do if you’re local to Sacramento or just passing through.

What Is Lane’s Injury

Lane’s injury has actually been reclassified many different times which is positive as his current classification is ASIA C Incomplete. For a more thorough explanation on what that means, here is a good link to check out as well as some more information about spinal injuries in general.

How Did Lane’s Injury Happen?

On Lane’s trip, he enjoyed many different water sport excursions. The accident occurred on a snorkeling trip as there was a miscommunication on when to dive into the water from the boat and as a result Lane dove head first into very shallow water. A doctor was on board the boat and was able to get Lane back on the boat and stabilized before he was transported to a clinic via truck and later airlifted to a hospital.

Did/Does Lane Have Insurance?

Lane did purchase a $600 travel insurance policy which luckily covered all of Lane’s medical costs abroad as well as his transportation back to the United States.

Since Lane had left his previous job for this trip, he was without health insurance although plans on enrolling in the new Obamacare enrollment period. All physical therapy, care-taking, and living expenses are currently being covered by funds donated and the generosity of friends and family.

What Is Lane’s Current Condition?

Lane is slowly regaining feeling through out his body and is hoping to build up muscle strength and coordination. Lane can attend functions via his van and sip and puff wheelchair but does not have significant motion below his neck at this time.